Beware the Overpriced Artist — Richard Prince: Lone ago, in the 1970s, Richard Prince was a great artist. The ads that he copied and presented as art helped change the course of art history. Since then, he’s made absurd numbers of splashy paintings—the Nurses, the Jokes, the Checks—that only a collector could love and that will soon be forgotten. Prince’s Country Nurse sold for $2.9 million in June 2009. (via Photo gallery: 5 Overpriced Artists - The Daily Beast)

Good for him. This is exactly the kind of move I find so interesting and appealing in the art world. Once you establish yourself, people will lap up any crap you put out. If you really know how to market yourself and your product/creation, you know 75% of what you need to be famous and successful (IMO). (I mean shit, just look at Kinkade.)